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Aer na hÉireann [Irish Air]

“Aernahéireann” they do call me,

The Island’s breath I spend

And give all lives that live beneath me

A base to rise and sing and fly

And fall and drown and choke and cry,

But even if it seems that I

(And not just seems since this is true)

Have such an oppositional temper;

Yet, my mind is moderate.

My meat is moist and dense and fruitful,

And gently hearts at their first bite

Might feel depressed thanks to my weight

But if they stay under my wings

My call, it brings their inner strength

To daylight.

I seem to be quite harsh and hard

And souls that are regaled with sun

And molly-coddled views of art

Just see me as a stringent master

Who scolds his scholars

Stormy raging.

But those who know, love and regard me

They know the warmth of my embracement.

They know the goodness of my gifts

They value that I’m soft AND keen!

And know my heart holds in itself

A seed of mossy green.

#Lyrik #IrishCircle

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