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Winter is coming

And the white ravens fly.

A long night rises

And a cold king of ice

Leads winds of darkness against the realms of Men.

But where winter rises

Rises Snow.

He who was born amidst tears and blood,

A son of Ice and Fire,

His life a promise

Of a brother of virtue,

And a brother himself he became

Of nameless men in black.

A watcher, a shield, a sword in the darkness,

The light that brings the dawn

And dusk his brothers brought him,

Until he resurged amidst salt and dust

To sit again in these halls of home.

He is the snow that was shown in the fire,

The morning he will call forth!

The North remembers and knows no king

But the one whose name is not Stark.

Him, the Bastard.

Him, the White Wolf.

Him – The King in the North!

#Lyrik #Englisch

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