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Golden-Eyed Hope

I’ve never laid my eyes on it,

This strangest thing I’ve ever seen.

’Cause when I do, my heart comes lit

In fire’s death where sounds a keen.

Beneath your glance I wandered far

To distant lands under your rule,

In fear that you my eyes could char

Obediently I was your tool.

I’ve never seen your golden hair

Which in the air quite slightly waved,

Your shining eyes of darkness bare

Eternally your beauty saved.

I’ve only heard your mellow voice

In dreams of long forgotten wills.

And feigned my heart it had a choice

To fly or to elapse in ills.

So lead by hopes died long ago

My thoughtless innermost agreed

With hopeful dreams might me allow

To satisfy my inner greed.

So eons long I hasted for

A simple thing I’d find afar:

Delight on silver platters or

Luck featured in a golden jar.

But all this time I yearned inane

Because I’ve never found the light

Of golden-eyed wishes’ reign

And so my last esperance died.

Though even when I chocked my hope

The light of living luck has shone

Resplendently through shade-filled scope

And put my heart on pleasure’s throne.


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